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Program Management

Since our inception in 2013, OCT has been providing enterprise change and project management support to several U.S. Federal Government clients.

Our teams have experience in developing transformative solutions to build lasting value for our clients while driving out-of-the box and innovative thinking. OCT has a cadre of qualified management professionals to support change management and project management needs and a strong ability to recruit, staff, and manage resources to drive all desired outcomes.

OCT’s project management professionals have extensive experience supporting the Government and hold several professional certifications such as Project Management Professional (PMP), Change Management Advanced Practitioner (CMAP), and Prosci Change Management (PCM).

From strategic planning and risk management to stakeholder communication and resource allocation, our services ensure successful project delivery within scope, time, and budget constraints.
We provide tailored solutions for identifying, assessing, and managing risks throughout your organization.
From technology adoption to compliance training and team-building activities, our services cater to diverse learning needs. Additionally, our outreach initiatives facilitate effective communication and engagement with stakeholders, creating a culture of continuous improvement.
We specialize in meticulously capturing and documenting your organization’s processes, ensuring clarity and consistency in workflows.
Whether it’s streamlining workflows, enhancing compliance, or promoting continuous improvement, we provide comprehensive solutions.
From setting key performance indicators (KPIs) to regular performance assessments and feedback mechanisms, our services ensure a proactive approach to enhancing productivity and employee development.
Meet our Program management experts
Joe Falit

Joe Falit

Joe Falit is the VP of Strategy and Growth at OCT Consulting. Joe has more than 15 years of experience as a senior executive in management consulting, banking (retail and payments), and technology (SaaS).

John Raffier

John Raffier

John Raffier is OCT's VP of Operations, and has significant leadership, strategic planning, human capital management, policy development, process improvement, and program/project management experience supporting the Department of Defense and other federal government agencies.

Clients we have supported

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Case Study

people on iPad

Expanding Strategic Oversight Acquisition Programs

The Department of State’s (DoS) Office of the Procurement Executive (OPE) identified the opportunity to expand the strategic oversight of acquisition programs within the Department.